Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Crappy Day

Yesterday was a very bad day. Firstly, I feel like garbage, in fact that's not limited to yesterday, I still feel like feces. Secondly, Chad Pennington, and Jay Fiedler were found to be lost for the season. So I guess I get excited about Thrashers hockey right about now. Thirdly, in the caf last night they must have made the sloppy joes extra sloppy because I managed to get a large portion of them on my pants, which not only looked funny walking around YU it also gave me less clothing options this morning as they were my only pair of khaki pants (I had to go with blue this morning, didn't like it one bit). Fourthly, not only did the Sodomites win last night, the Red Sox were rained out and now have to play a doubleheader today. So the Crapheads got a big break there. On the good news front, the Mets are still not eliminated from playoff contention. As a side point, I would just like to welcome the U-BOAT to the blog (albeit a bit belatedly). I guess if we can't room together anymore, blogmates is a good second option.


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