Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wash Post Chat Shout Out

I spend much of my day involved in Washington Post chats, submitting preposterous questions under different aliases just to see if they will be fielded. Well, I am happy to say one was. The city name, you should know, is made up and funny only for a select few.

Old Fatnarsh, Pennsylvania: Can I get a shout out to my boy currently watching the Red Sox game courtesy of mlbtv in his Torts class?

Paul Farhi: Man, back in the day, I had to sneak a tiny transistor radio into school to listen to the game. What's the matter with kids today?

THEN, a few minutes later, in a different chat with Dave Sheinin:

Old Fatnarsh, Penn.: I think the Indians turned things around when they signed Willie Mays Hayes to an extension. Rickie Vaughn sure can throw the heat too.

Dave Sheinin: Yeah, but Pedro Cerrano is the one who has carried them all year long.

Both Farhi and Sheinin should be commended for putting up with my constant antics. You can find transcripts of the complete chats here.



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