Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Reference Unveiled

For some time now, I have known about the Wayback Machine that allows you to see a web page on any date in its history. What I did not remember until today is that the machine originally aired on episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle. Mr. Peabody escorted Sherman through time in the Wayback Machine, not to be confused with the contraption that Steve Urkel invents to make himself cool.

One guy apparently cares a little bit too much about the Wayback Machine, dissecting its use and shortcomings.

"Curiously enough in all the episodes I've seen, I don't think they've ever been shown returning to the present. Presumably, the Wayback Machine has some sort of automatic retrieval device that returns them to the present after some duration, but this is all idle speculation on my behalf.

The Wayback Machine serves its purpose as a simple plot device to transport our two characters to the required destination."

He does bring up one accurate point which is unintentional comedy at its best, or at least close to it.

"As for the time travel aspects of the show, it always appeared that after arriving on the scene Peabody and Sherman would discover that the reality of the past was not what the history books had made it out to be. Mr. Peabody and Sherman always took upon themselves to get involved and set things right in order to keep history on the right track.

Despite appearances, it could be argued that the opposite was true and that the past was immutable, that is not open to intervention and change. The reason the history books are written the way they are directly because of Peabody and Sherman's involvement. The paradox being that they have influence history already, before they realize they must intervene. "

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Blogger Av said...

I am not familiar with this wayback machine. Is it similar in concept to the cardboard box that Calvin and Hobbes used to turn in different directions in order to create various inventions, including a time machine, clone machine, transmogrifier, and spaceship?

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