Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Probation Sentence

10:55 PM
AvSinensky: uris posts suck
Zeus665: yes
Zeus665: put him on probation

10:56 PM
AvSinensky: yo
AvSinensky: by a 2-1 vote u r being put on creative probation by the blog
Es00teric: What does that mean?
AvSinensky: You gotta step up your game

10:57 PM
AvSinensky: i am brilliant
AvSinensky: told him vote was 2-1...this way each of us can claim we were the 1 that supported him
Zeus665: haha

10:58 PM
Es00teric: heard u voted against me
ATL2NY1: i was the one

10:59 PM
AvSinensky: dont look at me...
AvSinensky: i voted in favor of u
AvSinensky: it was the other 2
Es00teric: sure
Es00teric: harold told me he was the one

11:00 PM
Zeus665: i just want you to know, i voted in favor of your blogs
Zeus665: that twins story is gold
Zeus665: hal and av
Zeus665: they voted against you

11:01 PM
Es00teric: this is all being blogged


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