Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Colorful Twins

It's apparently alright to listen to headphones while you work. So after discovering launchcast last year on yahoo, that's really all I've been doing. Really a great concept, rate music and it plays what you like. Anyway, staying in the Queens spirit I refuse to pay 3.95 a month so I can get Launchcast plus which plays commercial free music, so instead I am forced to listen to jet blue commericals every other song, which are actually really funny, just not after you've heard them 50 times... a day. Somehow, yahoo is linked to ABC and they have all the promos for television shows that are going to be on that night, Desperate Housewives for example. The other day, I heard a promo for Dateline, and every time I heard it I couldn't help but laugh. "Get ready for an unbelievable story... Twins... One white, one black." Now every time, I heard this, I couldn't control myself. Im pretty sure people started looking at me also. The problem is Im not sure why I thought it was funny. Whatever the case, I missed the show, but read the article.

You can read it here.


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