Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Martha Stewart: Fantasy Game

In conjunction with her new Apprentice program, Martha Stewart is also offering a Yahoo fantasy game where viewers predict what will occur on the week's show and are granted coordinating points. Since I signed up too late to enter last week--the premiere--I received zero points for my effort, or lack thereof. However, somehow I am in the 36th percentile, in 1997th place. Did people get negative points? I need this answered.

As for tonight's show, which I likely won't even watch, here are some of the questions proposed:

1. Who will physically embrace Jim when he returns to the loft after his first experience in the conference room? (10 points)

4. Which candidate will Bethenny inform: "nobody wants to talk to you because you are insane"? (5 points)

6. Who will tell her fellow candidates "we look like hookers." (10 points)

8. After a long day of work which candidate will exclaim, “This is the single most despicable day of my life”? (5 points)

9. Which person will refuse to throw a fellow candidate "under the bus." (10 points)

Now, I don't know how any of these are gettable, especially the massive 20 pointer, predicting which candidate will be thrown overboard tonight.



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