Friday, September 30, 2005

The Ownerless Pair of Pants

My father insisted on taking me to buy pants for work last week, so obviously we went to Sears. (My father claims its because its close, really its because we're from Queens.) At any rate, we buy 3 pairs of pants and a belt. When we get home and show my mom and sisters, they laugh uncontrollably as I tried on all three pairs. They decided that the pants would be better suited for some of the members of my synagogue, the 70 year old and over crew. They even termed them "Old Man Pants." So I went with my sister to buy other pants instead. Meanwhile, my father brought the Old Man Pants back to Sears for a refund. When he gave the cashier the bag, the man told my father that he was only charged for 2 pairs of pants and the belt. My father, not wanting to steal, (thats not in the Queens attitude, were just cheap, not thiefs though) insisted he take them because they were given to him but he never paid for them. The cashier REFUSED to accept them, claiming that its not his either because its not on the receipt. My father came home with the pants and got admonished by my mother for not returning them. After explaining to her what had hjappened, she still refuses to let me where them.

As my father says, "Sometimes even when you want to be honest, society won't let you."


Blogger Danny said...

Can I have the pants?

5:10 PM


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