Friday, September 30, 2005

Freedom of Speech

It seems as though John Roberts' confirmation as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is already starting to send shockwaves throughout the country. Suddenly, even liberal areas have become prudish in regard to our First amendment rights. However, I must say this new policy shows a great difference in class between these two organizations. One must remember that when I was just a lad of 13 years as I was watching the World Seires at the Toilet Bowl (aka Yankee Stadium) I was treated to songs laced with obscenities directed at me simply for rooting against the Sodomites. However, it is good to see a first rate organization like the Boston Red Sox are concerned with making the ballpark a family place once again. One potential problem, however, with this new policy, is in essence you are preventing people from presenting the simple truth to youngsters. It is my sincere hope that children watching the upcoming three games in Fenway do not need shirts to see that the Amalekites stink. Rather, they will see it with their own eyes as the Doody Faces collapse much like they did a year ago. (And then of course to console each other will actually proceed to take the suggestions of the t-shirts in question in the locker room after the game with each other).


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