Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The morning at shul a number of Chassidim came in at various points asking for money. One came in during Birchos Krias Shema and started to talk to people, which is obviously assur, yet he didn't seem to mind. Yet another came in between shema and shmoneh esreh and headed straight for the conservative looking guy (you know the guy who has small teffilin and wears a scarf for a tallis) and started to talk to him too, trying to get a response. This too is obviously assur as you can't talk at that time. I guess he figured the conservative guy wouldn't know halacha (he didn't, he started talking to him). Basically what I'm getting at is twofold. 1. I think if anyone dresses up as a chassid and goes to a random orthodox shul he can make $20-$50 easy. 2. I don't want to say I hate all chassidim right before Rosh Hashanah but I must say I dislike a great deal of them very much. They should go back to Brooklyn and stop smelling up my modern orthodox shuls.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on give them your nikel and dont make a fuss about they schlepp around all over town and for good causes

7:11 PM

Blogger Fine Fellow said...

Who the hell says they are collecting for good causes?? 95% are collecting for the "I don't work because I have no education and I need to feed my 13 kids" cause rather than a good one.

10:37 PM


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