Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'll Be Doing The Digressing Around Here

In his latest post, A fine Fellow so accurately notes "Obviously people realize that other people are going to look at them on facebook. So they will naturally choose a very good picture of themselves. If a girl is ugly in her facebook picture, is there any chance at all of her being good looking?"

This is a point I have been stressing since Facebook began, something I am sure Mark Zuckerberg had in mind when he allowed people to post pictures at all. On a side note of my own, you have to wonder what sort of fame Zuckerberg took on in the last few years, as he is now a household name--like Clorox. Is he officially at Rock-star-who-hasn't-quite-made-it-yet status? He has to know that his stock can only plummet here, so I assume, unless he wins the Nobel Prize later on in his life, or discovers a cure for cancer, his life has officially jumped the shark. But I digress.

So on this topic (ugly facebook pictures, not Zuckerberg's stock plummeting), I have something else to add. When you write a book, as many people do, you get the chance to select a photo of yourself to paste somewhere in the binding. I think this decision is way tougher than the one for Facebook because, well, it's permanent. On top of that, if your book becomes a hit, as you surely want it to be, millions of people will likely read it, or buy it, or even just look at it. Getting to my eventual point here, I doubt that this is the right way to go. Perhaps Myla Goldberg was having some fun, punning her tights with the title of her book. But that outfit is just a WTF? waiting to happen.



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